Ministry of Culture

Minister - Anna Stern

National Symbols

National Colors - Blue, White and Black

National Sport - Croquet

National Animal - Llama

Patron Saint - Saints Perpetua and Felicity

Language - Nynorren

Time Zone - Nordican Standard Time

Religion - Christianity, Nordican Mythology


January 8th - Emperor Norton I Day

March 7th - Chancellor Day

May 18th - Founder's Day

October 25th - Republic Day

December 25th - Christmas

Nordican People

The Nordican People are descended from the Ancient Norse people.  The Norse were descended from the Germanic Tribes, and had migrated to the North, settling in Scandinavia, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, England, Germany, Estonia and Canada.  The Norse had spread there influence far and wide, and were feared by the people of Europe.  After the medieval period, the Norse people began to settle down, there descendents 

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