Nynorren was created by Elias Perrinson for the Republic of Nordica.  Literally "New Norse", the language has its roots in Scandinavian languages.  The language is currently under development, currently consisting of basic grammar, number system and a few hundred vocabulary words.  Please note, the list provided is not a complete list of vocabulary, a complete dictionary will be created sometime in the near future after the language is expanded.

Basic Vocabulary

Hello – Hallo
Good – Gað;adjective (Gath)
Day – Dyag;noun
Good Day – Gað Dyag
Dog – Húnd;noun (Female : Húnda, Male: Húndur);noun
Independence, liberation – Oberenð (Oberenth);abstract noun
Egg – I, me, myself;pronoun
North – Nord;adjective
North America – Nordameryka;proper noun
South – Sudra;adjective
South America – Sudrámeryka;proper noun
Automobile – byfryð, avto (Male: byfryður, avtur, Female: byfryða, avta);noun
My, mine – Eggen;pronoun
Yes – Já
No – Né(informal), engyn(formal)
Clock – Klókk;noun(Male: Klókkur, Female: Klókka);noun
Love(romantic) – Elska;verb
Love(friendship) – vynelska;abstract noun
Love(familial)- móðurásta(motherly love) systkiniast(neuter/sibling love, brotherhood) Faðirastur(fatherly love);abstract nouns
Valdensamkét – The feeling of being alone in the woods or unfamiliar scary place (from German Waldeinsamkeit);abstract noun,loan word
Gemötleket -the notion of belonging, social acceptance, cheerfulness, the absence of anything hectic and the opportunity to spend quality time. (From German Gemütlichkeit)
Velthjmers(pronounced as Velt-sh-mers); enotes the kind of feeling experienced by someone who understands that physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind(from German Weltschmerz);abstract noun, loan word
Vyn- friend, companion(male: vynur, female: vyna);noun
Hlutabréfamarkaðen – Stock Market (stock + share + market)
Bréfa-share, paper;noun
Hlutabréfa-stock certificate, share certificate;noun
Barn- baby, infant (female: Barna male: Barnur);noun
in – Ý (yy);preposition
You – Þu (Thu);pronoun
Man – Manur;noun
Woman – Kvona;noun
Thanks – Tak;Interjection
Computer- tölv(male: tölvur, female: tölva), réknatól(compute + tool);noun
Keyboard – lyklaborð(lyklaborth) (female: lyklaborða, male: lyklaborður);noun
Compute, calculate- rékna;verb
Come here- unat; command
fenika með Þu – Fuck you (literally fuck with you);Profanity
með - with;preposition
fenika - fuck; verb
Sjyomlárékt – to be interrupted at meal time(from the Scottish Gaelic Sgiomlaireachd);verb, noun, loan word
sterkan – spicy;adjective
Hygge – to complete absence of anything annoying, irritating or emotionally overwhelming, and the presence of and pleasure from comforting, gentle and soothing things(Danish loan word);abstract noun
Uytváýn – a break, typically a walk, to clear one’s head (From the Dutch word Uitwaaien);verb/noun
storkustlega-verky – The pain of wanting someone you can’t have. (Male: storkustlegur-verkur, Female: storkustleging-verking); abstract noun
You(plural) – Þið(thith);pronoun
to – að(ath);preposition
be- vera;verb
hugmyndafréðy - ideology;noun

Number System and Colors

The number system in the National Language is based off of Esperanto’s numbering system. ‘Unu’ means one and ‘dek’ means ten in Esperanto, and eleven is ‘dek unu’. ‘Du’ is two, so twelve would be ‘dek du’, and twenty is ‘du dek’. In the National Language you seem take the amounts of tens (let’s say 6) in front of ‘te’(or ta or tann) and the ones. Example: ‘sex te en’ (sixty one)

Zero – Sero, nul (Male: serur, nulunn, Female: sera, nuling)
One – En (Male: Enur, Female: Ena);adjective
Two - tvö (Female: Tvön, Male: Tvönn);
Three- Ðru (Male: Ðrur, Female: Ðring)
Four – förg (Male: förgur, female: förga)
Five – fymm (Female: fymma, Male: fymmur)
Six – Sex (Male: Sexur, Female: Sexa)
Seven – Sjo (Male: Sjur, Female: Sja)
Eight – átt (Male: áttur, female: átta)
Nine – naú (Female: ná, Male: naúr)
Ten – Te (Female: Ta, male: Tann)
Eleven – Te en (Male: Tann enur, female: Ta ena)

hundred – hundrað (male: hundraður, female: hundraða)
tvö hundrað – two hundred (male: tvön hundraður, female: tvönn hundraða)
thousand – þusund (male: þusundur, female: þusunda), from the Icelandic þúsund
two thousand – tvö þusund(male: tvön þusundur, female: tvönn þusunda)
myljon – million (female: miljona, male: miljonur)
tvö myljon – two million(female: tvönn miljona, male: tvön miljonur)
byljon – billion (female: biljona, male: biljonur)
tvö byljon – two billion (female: tvönn biljona, male: tvön biljonur)
tryljon – trillion (female: triljon: triljona, male: triljonur)
tvö tryljon – two trillion (female: tvönn triljona, male: tvön biljonur)
Umpjon – nonsense number, similar to “zajillion, jabillion,” etc. (female: umpjona, male: umpjonur)
infinity, infinite – óendanleg (female: óendanleging, male: óendanlegur)

raöð – red (female: raöða male: raöður)
blar – blue (female: blara, male: blarur)
purpula – purple (female: purpuling, male: purpulur)
hvyt – white (female: hvíta, male: hvítur)
svart – black (female: svarta, male: svartur)
green – grénn (female: grénna, male: grénnur)
appelsenu – orange (female: appelsening, male: appelsenur)
gul- yellow (female: gula, male: gulur)

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