Republic of Savonia

Welcome to Savonia!!!

Welcome to the Republic of Savonia.  Please check out Government Information for more information on the government of Nordica.  If you would like to learn about the individual Agencies, click on the Government Agencies Tab.  If you want to see the territory of Savonia, go to the Places tab.  For our MicroWiki page click here.  Feel free to visit us on Facebook!!!


Fifth World Declaration Petition

To: Planet Earth

We live in a world dominated by the powers of the First, Second, and Third Worlds. While not all of these powers are members of the United Nations (UN), most are, and even the powers that are not members of the United Nations (UN), find that the authority of the United Nations, and/or International Law, limits their sovereignty, or the exercise of their sovereignty.

Read the rest of the petition and sign it at

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