Ministry of the Interior

Minister - Taylin Reinholtz


Governor - Paul Willis
Governor - Tyler Walker
Governor - Rylan Beisner
Das Wuestereich
Governor - Brian Huft
King - Clemence Kim


The Republic of Savonia is located on a small Peninsula on the northern coast of the Kola Peninsula, in Northeastern Scandinavia

Savonian Antarctic Claim

The Republic of Savonia has a small land claim within the Antarctic Region of Marie Byrd Land, which is unclaimed by any nation.  This claim is extremely small and modest, but it serves our purposes.  The claim is lies between the coordinates of 132 Degrees West and 125 West, with and the Southern boundary being 76 Degrees South and the Northern Boundary at 73 Degrees South.  This land has been claimed on the grounds of Terra Nullius.

Bir Tawil

Bir Tawil is a small triangular region in between Egypt and Sudan, which because of a border dispute between the two nations remains unclaimed by both nations.  This land has been claimed on the grounds of Terra Nullius.

Declaration of Claim of Bir Tawil

On behalf of the Republic of Savonia, I would like to notify you of our claim over the Bir Tawil Triangle.  As the triangle was claimed by no one, we figured there is no reason to let the land go to waste, so we sent an envoy over there earlier this month and placed our flag and a note of the claim on the Triangle.  Savonia has chosen to keep the borders open and allow traffic to flow in and out freely.  You can visit our website at and contact us at

 Ambassador of Nordica

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