Government Information

Head of Government

Chancellor - Tyler Needham

Head of State

Statement on Sovereignty

Savonia is a sovereign state and has been since 2009. We are entitled to the rights of a sovereign State, which includes participating in all international organizations and maintaining normal diplomatic relations with all other sovereign states.

Article 1 of the 1933 Montevideo Convention on Rights and Duties of States defines a state as possessing a permanent population, a defined territory, a government, and the capacity to enter into relations with other states. We meet all these criteria. We have a sovereign government exercising effective jurisdiction over well-defined territories with permanent residents, and we are able to enter into diplomatic relations with other sovereign states. Article 3 of the same Montevideo Convention specifically says that "the political existence of the State is independent of recognition by other States."

Government Proclamations

112710 - As the current government was inactive and largely a failure, I have abolished the current system of government, and have established the Senate, acting much like the Senate of the Roman Republic. The Senate will be elected by the people, and headed by two consuls. The senates responsibilities will be such. To appoint officials and governors, declare war and peace and to vote on legislation. Underneath the Consuls is the head of the military and head of the treasury.  All current governors and senators will retain their positions. The current chancellor will become one of the Consuls, the second Consul will be decided by the Assembly. Former ministers will also be given a new position, possibly in the Senate, although I may consider a Council of Ministers, under a new name however.
50510 - It has come to my attention that Nordica is in need of a national language. I propose the creation of a language, to strengthen the national identity of Nordicans.
42810 - The Republic of Nordica officially denies that the UK has or ever had jurisdiction over the Shetland Islands on the basis that it is part of Scotland.  Nordica recognizes Forvik's claim over Shetland on the basis that Scotland never agreed to the terms that would have given them control over Shetland.
42610 - The Republic of Nacinimod, by popular vote of the senate and approval of the chancellor, has changed the official name of this great republic to the Republic of Nordica, in celebration of the Scandinavian descent of many of the citizens. The flag will be changed to a Nordic Cross. This name change is not final yet, and can by overridden by 66% vote of the population of Nordica. The casual name of the Republic of Nordica shall be just Nordica. In common speak among the people, the country shall be now on referenced by Nordica.
102509 - 
Monarchy dissolved
60909d - The Senate and the Consulate is of seperate organization. Judicial Review is enacted and enforced by the Judiciary. The Senate shall be ruled by the King/Queen of Nacinimod, however, the head of Senate will be able to veto the King/Queen's decision according to the majority of Senate vote. The Consulate shall be ruled by the Head of Consul.
60909c - Freedom of Religion is guaranteed. However, the state religion shall always remain to belong to Jesus Christ's Church of Nordica.
60909b - The government may be changed by the people according to vote. However, only in case of political and civil chaos.
60909a - No person is guaranteed complete right of freedom to speech, assemble, or of press.

International Treaties

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