Ministry of Propaganda

Minister - Jeremy Stebens

As the minister of propaganda, it is my mission to create a state in which all citizens are informed and educated in the matters of the government. My ministry shall be called the Ministry of the Mind, and will be divided into three departments: Department of Sight, Department of Word, and the Department of Sound. The first duty of the Ministry will be the celebration and promotion of Founder's Day on May 18th, the one year anniversay of the ultimate state of Nordica. Also on the agenda of the Ministry of Mind is to create a new flag and war banner to celebrate our eternal greatness as we march into future. Thank you, and hail to the mighty state and eternal beacon of light that is Nordica.

Statement on War of Latagonia

There is no need to fear the country of Latagonia. These monkeys from the land of the damned have come for our land, but they shall not have it. We shall beat them back at every bridge, every street, every alley, every house, and at every inch. I say again, NO LATAGONIAN shall enter our land. We shall use every resource available to us, down the last bullet. If there are no bullets, we shall meet them with our fists, our heels, and our heads!!!! I tell you the truth i will personally kill every single Latagonian man with my head if i am given the chance. STAND STRONG PEOPLE OF NORDICA. ---A Message from the Ministry of the Mind, given over the speakers by Minister Demetri Von Stebens, April 28, 2010

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