Ministry of Defense

Minister - Joe DiMaria

National Military Defense Policy
As Minister of Defense, I propose a zero-tolerance policy regarding possible aggressors, in order to protect the rights and powers held by the Republic. Therefore, it is necessary to show no signs of weakness in our foreign affairs. I hereby propose a nuclear defense and development network, its purpose being for the accumulation and protection of sovereignty. Any and all forms and levels of opposition will be eliminated immediately. This is necessary to establish an example to other nations of the world, to keep our enemies at bay, gain the alliance of neutral nations, and perpetuate current alliances and treaties.

Chancellor of Nordica's response to the National Military Defense Policy
Despite this policy, the Republic of Nordica is a peaceful nation and will always look at peace as the first choice. However, if acts of hostility are made against this great nation, appropriate actions will be taken.

Regarding a Standing Army
As several different authorities and colleagues have pointed out, we are in need of a standing army. Now, in order to ensure loyalty, efficiency, and power, recruitment methods will be different from those of the United States. I propose that Military testing will be enacted annually among all new legal adults, and be required as law. Citizens are only required to serve for one year, though they are able to further volunteer their services. Rank is determined by placement in the testings, which are mandatory. Score-based rankings are meant to encourage participation and performance. The test will involve physical, mental, and psychological portions that all must be passed and examined.

Latagonian War

Declaration One - There is a new power that is on the rise and gaining ground, the Kingdom of Latagonia. Latagonian forces are approaching our borders as we speak and refuse to respond to democratic procedures. If no peaceable end can be reached, than Nordica must respond before Latagonia strikes in order to protect the ideals and structure of our great Republic.

Declaration Two With the recent events or internal uprisings as demonstrated by the war criminal Anna Stern (who will now be referred to as Wartime Conspirator Class Criminal #69, or WC69), there is a growing fear of the presence of Latagonian spies. We are still investigating the possiblity of WC69 being of Latagonian descent and therefore guilty of aggressive acts of espionage. If anyone suspects Latagonian activity, please report any and all details and suspects immediately in order to support the Nordican war effort.

Joe DiMaria, Minister of Defense
Peace by War, Life by Death, Long Live Nordica!

Proclamation by the Chancellor on the war against Latagonia
The nation of Latagonia has threatened the sovereignty of Nordica by claiming the Bir Tawil Triangle, despite our claim to it, and attacking the outlying islands of the Kaatluit province, near the Isle of Clemencia, the home of our former king, and the outskirts of the Agedallat province. Nordica will not stand for these acts of aggression. We will fight back to defend our territory, Joe DiMaria, Minister of Defense, now has complete control over the War Office and must establish a strong military to deal with this threat

Regarding Criminal Defense
As discovered during our investigation, we are in need of representatives for Criminal Defense in order to insure unbiased trials. Therefore we are in need of establishing the structure for a Nordican judicial system as dictated by the Chancellor.

Chancellor's Response to Criminal Defense
The Nordic Judicial Branch shall consist of a group of judges, making up the Nordic Tribunal. The Nordic Tribunal will act as a "supreme court" in every sense and will have the final say on laws and court decisions. Nominations for the Nordic Tribunal shall be made immediately. The Chancellor shall reside on the Tribunal as a moderator.


Admiral Logan Martinez

Border Patrol

National Guard

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